Sharks Swim Team


Swimming, is one of the most popular national competitive sports leagues at the Y. The Y hosts state, regional and national championships annually, helping kids value hard work, reach for excellence and enjoy spirited competition.

This competitive program offers children and teens an opportunity to work with trained coaches to improve swimming skills, endurance and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Ages: Five to 18 years

Requirements: Swimmers must:

  • Have a YMCA membership

  • Be able to demonstrate the following skills:

    • Swim 25-yard freestyle, demonstrating breathing to the side and good body position

    • Swim 25-yard backstroke, demonstrating good body position

    • Swim 25-yard breaststroke or butterfly

    • Can demonstrate the fundamentals of a forward dive from the edge of the pool

Swim Team Basics

Our trained coaches work to improve swimmers' skill level, endurance and to promote a healthy lifestyle. Our program embraces the YMCA core values and promotes progression at an individual level.

The YMCA Swim Team offers up to three practice times a week for beginning swimmers and more for advanced groups.  Swimmers are encouraged to attend at least two practices a week.

For more information, please contact us!